*TSFBS* Endowment Information 11/2010

*TSFBS* Endowment Information 11/2010

*Training School For Better Service* Endowment project of ’03-’05: Update 6/2004b……11/2010…..

Our address is: Box 349, Batesville, MS 38606. Please consider this work (which you see via internet) as well as the other phases of service (lectureships, workshops, training sessions, mentoring efforts, printing basic materials) which are not seen by everyone. If you desire to help in the future with planned giving, estate planning or placing this schooling in your will, please accept our thanks. Our address is above.

Now read about this planned project and past events:

This is an ongoing project in that many have placed moneys of estates, planned giving and inheritances into their wills. A few years or many years may be involved before we actually get the daily use of these funds.

That’s o.k. if you will think of us each year as plans are made to help us teach others these techniques of *better service. However, if you forget our current needs due to the thought ‘someday the Wills will be probated’, then we will more slowly do this work. So, think about us each year, too; thank you.

Thanks for your choosing to consider some vision in future plans of evangelism within the church. Solomon wrote by inspiration ‘where there is no vision, the people perish’ .
In thinking ahead for some gift to a work which you know firsthand is a balanced training for preachers, teachers and personal evangelists in the church, there is some vision. By acqainting family members with your desires, the vision of a gift which promotes those values you held while here below will be helpful even then. Thank you again. Over 2500 pages per month for *training information are now being enjoyed (3/2011).

Progress is wonderful in this project. Of course, promises have been made which will eventually bring a large fund and will just ‘speed up’ the activities at that time. Till then, we’re not trying to ‘collect’; but, it is nice to know that some are thinking ahead so that when they no longer are on this side of life, they have helped a school which will be training others who can’t attend a formal university for training. Thanks. Please, read the following and be a partner in the future if you can AND tell others about this funding plan. That’s right, tell others about this plan and invite them to read about it
at this site.

The *Training School For Better Service* department which offers the finest in training those who desire *better service, yet are unable to attend a formal school, college or university, announces the Endowment Campaign with a goal of $100,000 by mid-summer, 2005 (Our 35th Anniversary Year)!

As you know, the *TSFBS* always does work ‘in the black’. We save funds for projects to be paid for as we go. We trust that you have the faith which we have in seeing a project funded for payment as we go rather than waiting till the end and needing funds at this point.

Many individuals and families work out plans for their financial future by including various religious works in their wills, trust funds and donations. We hope you will remember *TSFBS* (Box 349, Batesville, MS 38606) in your plans.

Projects such as recordings, printing, mailers, postage,internet site costs and training sessions are paid as we go. It would be nice to have enough funds on hand to do this work more quickly. However, if the Endowment Campaign does not reach the goal of $100,000 we will still save funds and use them as enough is accumulated for the projects to be done. Lord willing, nothing will change with regard to the day to day work being done. Simply put, the Endowment Goal will allow us to more quickly do the work.

Our 35th year of work is around the corner. All of us are growing older. Plans are being put into wills and trusts. We would like to be considered for a part of such plans.
Thus, the Endowment Campaign for mid-summer, 2003 till mid summer, 2005, is announced.

Make a donation which will be deposited into the Batesville church of Christ, *Training School For Better Service* Account, P O Box 349, Batesville, MS 38606-0349.

Place the *TSFBS* with written instructions into your will and/or trust fund plans. Then, send us a basic idea of your intentions so we can include this amount in the Endowment Campaign goal of $100,000. Remember, our address is:
Batesville Church of Christ, *TSFBS*, Box 349, Batesville, MS 38606

FUNDS IN HAND AND PLEDGES: IT IS WONDERFUL TO HAVE SUCH FRIENDS, WE HAVE ALREADY EXCEEDED THE ORIGINAL GOAL. Note: The arrival of funds below have now decreased to about $1,000 due to the use of the funds for the cost involved as listed below over the past 8 years.  Note the good response, however, and with your help, the funds will be there to use for spiritual programs, recordings, copies and travel fees.

Already $7200 has arrived (8/10/03). The total is now 7200 toward the Endowment Campaign goal of 100,000. Pledges now stand at 140,000. These voiced pledges are stated as plans which may materialize in the future of wills, trusts, estates and planned donations. When these pledges come to pass the work will simply speed up even more, but the essential nature of helping others prepare will be the same purpose. May the Lord be glorified and his work progressed. UPDATE: A benefactor of $40,000 pledge became immediately sick shortly after verbally making this pledge. His illness was fatal within a few months. He did not have time to complete the paper work (an added statement to this will) before his passing. We did not receive an bequest of the $40,000.

If you verbally have pledged and yet no paperwork has been signed, I know you will want to do this next step in order that the *TSFBS* will receive the benefit planned.

Lord willing, I will be with this *school for many years to come. However, if something were to happen to me, I’ve asked Hal J. and Michael B. to keep the studies and training going till my sons, Bobby R. and Brooks R, or my grandson, Will R. can take the reins. All these work well together and will go the extra mile to help any desiring *better training in the work of the Lord.

We have many features for beginning studies to be done via this website already. Note the information for preachers, teachers, women and youth as well as those seeking deeper studies into truth. It’s fitting an announcement of our intentions with the Endowment Campaign be placed on a page here. Please check out other information pages at anytime. By the way, this can be done by any computer student anywhere in the English-speaking world at a local library or at home!

Remember, no salaries are paid out of this *school. The regular treasurer of the Batesville church, Jim D. writes
the checks from this account. Renumeration for proven expenses are paid by him. No salaries are paid from the
*school account. The funds are for projects of *training.
Thanks for spreading the word. Write us at Batesville church of Christ, Box 349, Batesville, MS 38606-0349. Our number is 662-563-7859 for information/discussion.

The *Training School For Better Service* department which offers the finest in training those who desire *better service, yet are unable to attend a formal school, college or university, announces the Endowment Campaign with a goal of $100,000 by mid-summer, 2005 (Our 35th Anniversary Year)! Now, in our 41st year of service (3/2011) we have not realized the extra funds promised via the pre-2005 time mentioned. But, our yearly needs are being met as we go. Join us in thanks to God for such a blessing…the yearly needs are now being supplied. Different congregations and individuals have come to our aid each year and we are blessed to be able to plan ahead and do the spiritual programs which help mission efforts. Again, please join with us as the ‘thank God’.