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The *TSFBS* has averaged over 2,000 viewings per month in 2005 & 2006 and some 1,750 per month in 2008. And, since 2011 has averaged over 5,000 pages viewed each month. And, we have crossed over the 100,000 viewed pages mark as of May, 2012 and with the end of the year approx. 144,000 ! …….Thank you.

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More and more readers are visiting our pages having a desire to plan ahead. Therefore the catalog reflects a 5 year plan.

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OF EACH STUDENT (Males & Females; Youth & Adult)
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*Training School For Better Service*
Designed and Implemented Since 1970

THE HISTORY OF *TSFBS*: Before 1970, William H. Hull, evangelist in Jonesboro, Arkansas (deceased ’79) and Robert D. Rawson, son-in-law and evangelist in Ruleville, MS, planned a school which would be conducted within the local congregation’s Bible School. It would be a department specializing in training teachers and preachers (later, the personal worker’s phase and the specialty study phase as well as leadership phase and troubled-souls phase would be added).

BIBLE LECTURESHIPS: Conducted to the tune of about 20 days per year, special biblical lectures are presented in Batesville, MS. These are recorded. A theme is chosen each year which compliments the various Phases of Study in the updating of courses which fill out those phases. The theme for 2006: Better Homes. Theme for 2008: Better Study of the Life of Christ and Leadership. Theme for 2009: Better Teaching of God’s Word. Check with us about course updates. Remember, we *loan audio recordings for a period of study by listening, making notes and practicing the recall so you will be able to use the material for a long time. Now that we offer several lessons by internet; enough training to help prepare someone for several years of service. Check out the Navigator Column on the left side of this site, please.

GUIDED RESEARCH: Studies are available for a brief period of time by guided research of biblical and scholarly material. This may be available on a daily basis which includes a ‘role-play’ format to ensure quick useage of the spiritual material. For example, guided research in the Conversion of Paul would include textual study of Acts 9 and 22 as well as Paul’s references to his conversion found in Romans 6:1-16 and Galatians 3:16-29. The study would also include an analysis of the teaching techniques which one would use in discussing this conversion with others. Guided research may be quite detailed as well as practical.

DESIGN OF *TSFBS*: The training of teachers and preachers to serve in full-time work or by appointment was for young and older men. Ladies were to be trained in the facet of Bible class instruction. This design has certain expectations of the student: the willingness of the student to be trained,, the desire for betterment of service, a good reference Bible and adjacent materials and a time for any training sessions. We, as instructors, accepted the task of choosing the most appropriate methods of instruction. We knew by training others we would be able to multiply the Lord’s work . This would be *better service*.

COURSE SELECTION: From 1970 till 1976 we searched diligently to find the most appropriate Bible and related courses with which to instruct. We talked with other who had taken studies which involved every chapter and verse of the Bible in their schooling. We, finally, decided to pursue four courses (later, eight) which would give the person the tools with which he could become well informed and skilled in biblical teaching and appropriate application. There are hundreds of such courses available. Each phase has several courses and studies.

THE NINE PHASES OF STUDY: We refer to clusters of courses included in one area as a phase: The Preacher’s Phase, The Teacher’s Phase, The Personal Worker’s Phase, The Topical Specialist’s Phase, The Leader’s Phase, The Biblical Counselor’s Phase, The Ladies’ Phase, The Youth Phase and the Youth Ministry Phase added in 2006. The Specialty Phase has become the most requested since it allows the student to format his personal choices into better knowledge and service. Our website has the first three, written lessons, of the Preacher and Teacher Phases.

EXPLANATION OF EACH PHASE: The Preacher’s Phase prepares the male student to preach in a full-time capacity or as an appointment preacher (filling the pulpit or class as requested by a congregation). This phase includes courses of study which develop the preacher. They run the full gamut from Survey of the Bible, Sermon Preparation & Delivery, Christian Evidences, Manners, etc. You will be practice speaking the first week of study!

The Teacher’s Phase prepares male or female students to teach his chosen Bible class age group. Courses range from Survey of the Bible to classroom management. You will actually write your own chosen curriculum.
You will be trained in the finest methodology for each age level (in a simple lesson) of the Bible class program.

The Personal Worker’s Phase meets the need of males or females desiring to teach their friends in a home, cottage, one by one or in-depth fashion. Courses range from Survey of the Bible, Bible Chart Writing, Correspondence Course Writing to Conversation Techniques to keep the study going. A student writes his own congregational program and set of charts while taking this phase.

The Specialty Phase has become the most popular. In this phase of study any student may choose
the topic of study in which there is desire to have better knowledge and skill. These topics are from A to Z(Adam, Attitudes to Zeal and Zebulun). Studies regarding the Eldership were unveiled in 1995 in this specialty phase which developed into the Leadership Phase(a cluster of courses dealing with elders, deacons as well as other leaders within the local church). Students select the topic and we place the topic into a workable mailing.

The Leadership Phase was opened in February, 1997, for those desiring to study the role of elders and deacons. Soon it became evident many others exercise influence too. Therefore, we developed courses within this phase which expose the responsibilities of those who lead others in any way. While discussing this arena we found a need to place many of our counseling courses into a phase of its own: The Troubled-Souls Phase.

The Biblical Counselor Phase allows any student to become informed of care which can be given to those troubled souls striving to serve God under difficult circumstances. We do not offer a professional counselor’s degree, rather, the practical advice of how to be a friend to others. Written material as well as recordings from those who have faced struggles is offered in the *loan system* of this phase.

The Ladies’ Phase allows females only to choose courses of study for personal growth and
maturity in Christ Jesus. Differing from the Teacher’s Phase which instructs the art of classroom
teaching, the Ladies’ Phase deals with development of the Christian woman. Written material
as well as recordings predominately by other Christian women is offered in the *loan system*.

The Youth Phase allows young men and women to receive courses which emphasize the use of the Bible, concordances and dictionaries as Word studies, Contextual studies and Application studies to be understood. Particularly emphasis is given to the young person’s influence of others in the personal control of feelings, example and decision-making.

The Youth Ministry Phase allows young men the opportunity to study and practice in areas of preaching, classroom teaching, youth devotional leadership and youth involvement. With emphasis on more than ‘just babysitting’ a youth group, we envision *training in leadership of youth to maturity in Christ. Expository studies of texts and practical applications are emphasized.

LOAN SYSTEM: Audio tapes, printed materials and video tapes are available to students on a loan basis. We mail to out-of-towners and provide postage-paid mailers with instruction to study the enclosed materials, take some notes so the information will be remembered better and return the audio/video/books along with a sampling of their notes for analysis and credit toward a certificate of completion. A specified period of days (usually 21, 25, 30 or 45) are suggested. This is to help the student gauge his/her study as the due date occurs. Under agreement with the authors of the materials we loan, we can not give permission for copy of material except for brief quotation purposes. The student is free to ask for an extension of time. Yet, later, if the student desires to listen again or study again to a former recording, he/she is free to request a review. We desire to help *better service*. In all the years, we’ve never been forbidden to loan any materials; nor have we lost but a few tapes by failure to return .

THE COST: The cost of transportation when attending an advertised class meeting, basic study Bibles, a few reference books and time are the basic costs. Postage is provided for the mailings to those in correspondence both to and from the student. Benefactors in several states and budgets of some congregations knowing of this work merge to keep this school in the black year in and year out. We save for projects if unfunded at the beginning to be able to pay as we go. Since the tapes, etc. are loaned and returned to us to use again our cost of operation is very low. Stamps, mailers and the initial purchase of materials ,which we later loan ,are the basic costs for us. Many students become benefactors after they have participated in the schooling for awhile. This is appreciated but not a pre-requisite for study.

ANNUAL STUDENTS AND FRIENDS CAMPAIGN: ….Brethen and Friends, Thank you for the many years of help to the department of education within the local Batesville Church of Christ. You have made possible for so many students in person and via the Internet to be helped in biblical studies. Our annual Friends Campaign has quietly gone about its mission. The donations of annual assistance will really come in handy this year as some storage facility has to be purchased and setup for the remaining Research Materials area of the *Training School For Better Service* library. As you know, brethren at Alamo, TN; Courtland, MS; and Charleston, MS have housed the other three areas of the school: Historical Books, Collections of Brethren and Lectureship Books. Our Annual Friends Campaign address is still the same: *TSFBS* Friends, Box 349, Batesville, MS 38606-0349. Please plan for June of each year, if you can be of help. An End of Year Report requests support which is planned by benefactors, too. Our projects are named and have patiently been done through our working together year by year–soon to be forty years of service. Thanks, again.

AGE OF STUDENTS: Some have been as young as 8 and others as aged as 75! Males and females have been students. It is fun to learn more to be of *better service* in the Kingdom of God as we live on earth. This school department is tailor-made for those not having the time off from a career job or those unable to attend a formal school, college or university for any reason(funds, education,etc.). You are invited to choose your area of betterment and to acquaint a friend with this school: *TSFBS*.

LIBRARY: Students have access to a library of study sheets, magazines, booklets, books, audio and video tapes which number over 20,000. The *TSFBS* William H. Hull Memorial Library contains a wealth of information. We invite you to name any topic for a Sheet Study which can be arranged within a matter of minutes, if the course isn’t already written, due to the vast resources of the library housed within the facility of the Batesville (MS) Church of Christ. Your local public library has computer access to the internet which you may use if you don’t have access from your home computer. Remember Much material is found at this site!

PREVERVATION PROJECT: We have joined with Don Fox of Saltillo, MS as well as Michael Jordan of Hartford, VA in the preservation of old debates which were simply deteriorating on the reels of polyester and mylar tape. We literally filled up a gallon bucket with snipets of tape which broke off as we were dubbing to more lasting medium in CDs. We can not send a full CD of a debate; this infringes on copyrights and ownership of the event. However, we can share some parts for students to listen, take notes, review and practice line of reasoning in debating a topic. We have preserved over 100! So, we have virtually every topic with which a debate student wishes to study. Anyone having an old debate wasting away in the attic or basement is asked to let us know so preservation can continue without the loss of these important events. If it is one we do not already have, we will help in the preservation and enjoy ‘taking a few notes’ of the arguments for use with our students of debate. We will return your original copy along with a preservation one.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Students have no fees to pay. If space is available, the benefactors have already funded the teaching, training materials. Since we loan materials, there is no need for scholarships which are offered at formal schools of education. A student may discuss with us any personal needs which will help him/her into*better service* within the Lord’s work. Some need a few things to be able to begin the school work. Give us a call.

FORMER STUDENTS AND FRIENDS CAMPAIGN: There are now over 1400 former students of all the phases of study. In 2001, we began an envelope campaign for anyone choosing to become a partner with us in the spread of the *Training School For Better Service*. As a suggestion, if everyone would invest only ten (10) dollars per year, the *TSFBS* would be funded earlier every year and we would be able to put into print more of the techniques used. Alumnae must remember the end of year gift, the costs of reminding is too much for us to bear. The Lord is blessing us each year but we could do a lot more, as you know. Our address is: Batesville Church of Christ, P O Box 349, Batesville, MS 38606-0349. This campaign is only for former students/friends.

THE PHILOSOPHY OF *TSFBS*: There is an earnest desire to help others unable to attend a formal school, college or university at this time to advance in *better service*. There is no mocking, laughing or demeaning of any student at any time. Every question is important. Our goal is to reach souls for Christ. This is accomplished by those better prepared to teach God’s Word. We become family and friends for a lifetime as we advance in *better service*. We hope our sincerity comes through to every reader of this material. Financially, we need your partnership as each one of us has the same responsibility in helping others desiring to prepare foe *better service.

EQUIPMENT & COMPUTERS: There is fine equipment available through the support of benefactors. Recording equipment, copiers, binders, etc. are constantly used, repaired, updated and purchased. This allows us the opportunity to teach techniques to any English speaking/writing folks in any nation. In fact, if you are reading this, you can see the domain website at the address listed above. We have a sense of awe at this world-wide site of training (the only *training site we know on the web).

THE MEANING OF * IN THE LOGO: * highlights three statements: *You don’t teach effectively till others learn, *You can learn something from everyone you meet, *An education is what you remember when you’ve forgotten what you just memorized in order to pass a test! Welcome to *TSFBS*. Let’s reach souls for Christ Jesus.

CORRESPONDENCE STUDENTS: Anyone may study the Biblical themes, preaching skills, teaching skills, personal worker skills, leadership skills and practical biblical counselor skills by mail. Audio tapes, special booklets, books, magazine articles and video tapes are used in conjunction with note-taking, phone calls(sometimes-conference calls), diagnostic evaluation exams and practice sessions to help the student to full potential in the selected phase of study. Some students actually come to us with considerable knowledge, experience and skills. They have simply never attended a certificate or diploma program. Well, we are a certificate program, not a diploma or degree-granting . Credit is given to such students for acquired knowledge. This saves time for us. As you can see, there is no need to present a class, or course, of study if the student is already versed in such study. On the other hand, should a student need to be sure of his knowledge or hone his skill in discussion or practice of such a study, we can concentrate in the chosen area of study to help the student become comfortable in the study. Unveiled in 1993.

VIDEO STUDIES: We are growing in this area of the *TSFBS* William H. Hull Memorial Library*. We have over a thousand lectures at the current time. The student needs to have access to a VCR unit and quiet time with which to view the video studies. Don’t take television time from others when you study by video. The family dislikes us mightily if you do! The study of biblical languages, Hebrew and Greek, is done with our sister school WVBS(World Video Bible School) located in Maxwell, Texas. Reason for this: the study of biblical languages requires so much memory work. We simply don’t have the time to work with you in both the practical way and this discipline. However, we do work with the practical side of translated languages.

DEADLINES WHY?: We have found unless a student begins work on his/her assignment within six days of receiving the material, the likelihood is the study will be put off six weeks, six months or six years! This seems to be human nature. But, we have an important mission which is coupled with the fact that souls may pass into eternity all too soon. Therefore, we must efficiently use our time of preparation and instruction of others. Therefore, we recommend study periods of 15, 21, 30 and 45 days. Students can always request an extension. However, goal achievement is better with regular check-points. Also, a former tape may be requested for a refresher study and review even months or years later even after the study receives credit. We use deadlines not to stress out someone rather for a guide to better study habits thus, better knowledge.

PUBLIC CLASSES: For 23 years we met over forty Saturday Night Classes each year. We practiced the preaching and teaching skills improving our knowledge of biblical topics. Any guided research was conducted in person or on the phone on other days of the week. The guided research worked even better as time went along. In 1993, we made a major change. We were doing so much guided research that we began using the bulk of Saturdays to work with individuals who pre-arranged their studies. However, we still have public classes for anyone within any phase or course of study on three or four Saturday nights each year. (Call 662-563-7859 or 563-4941 for a schedule of these special Saturday nights for anyone to attend).

But since 1993 individual guided research may be arranged on any day whenever you make time available. Correspondence, also, can be conducted by mail any day. The correspondence courses of each phase was unveiled in 1993 as a viable method of *better service*.

ALUMNI and ALUMNAE NUMBER OVER 2,000: About 200  have used the preacher phase; 600 hundred using the teacher phase, another 500 hundred using the personal worker’s phase. The topical specialists number more than five hundred. The newest of the nine phases have the fewest at the current time: leadership, biblical counseling, ladies’ and youth and youth minister phase . We want all phases to grow. We need your help each year. Pllease help us out the Annual Friends Donation .

CERTIFICATE of COMPLETION: We offer a Certificate of Completion in each of the nine phases of study. Along the way one may receive the Certificate of Achievement for progress and/or single courses. We are not a college. We are an in-church department helping individuals toward better service in the church. We do not offer a degree. But, for those who desire to do better service and have the finest of brotherhood teachers our *loan system is tailor-made. Till a person can attend a college, school or university featuring a degree-program, we offered the best of study materials and a discipline of study habits. We encourage any student of any age to seek out, enroll in and obtain a degree. But, if you can’t attend a college right now, we are tailor-made for you! Since 1970……*TSFBS* under the oversight of the Batesville Church of Christ.

EXTENSIONS: We encourage others to begin a practical training program(school) within their local congregation. We will be glad to share how we began. This is not the only order of training which can be done. Let’s work together to help others to serve God better.

SIGNATURE DISCUSSION WORKSHOPS: Often we are able to gather a team of experienced speakers to visit with us at a location. We make topical assignments based on their expertise. Generally, we secure lodging at a local motel and provide for extra rooms in case storms prevent the speaker from travelling safely back home after his day or evening lecture. The unique thing about these lectureships is there is always a discussion-question and answer portion of the program. This has become known as the ‘signature discussion’ because they often get closer and closer to the center of the topic and, thus, understanding. The costs of such lectureship/discussion progams involve the preparation of printed materials, postage and envelopes mailed to advertise within a 70 miles radius of the event, lodging in the community and travel expenses to the site. In addition, it’s only fair to compensate the speaker for his prep and travel expenses, too. We usually compensate with  stipend of  for local speakers.

SPECIAL PAGES AVAILABLE ON WEBSITE: These pages offer special written outlines, devotionals, word studies and special emphasis. For example, the newest page is: Thinking Married: Are You Sure?? It’s popularity is just beginning.
We will consider your needs for a site page. Charleston Page, Ford’s Well page and Crockett page are  such examples.  Announcements and feature articles may be published on such pages.

WARNING: *TSFBS* is a much harder format than any other school format. Reason: Self-Directed Study using tutorial guides such as tapes, audio and video, and booklets, manuscripts and books along with practice sessions of the appropriate phase: preaching, teaching. Etc. THIS MAKES YOUR PERSONAL DISCIPLINE a must. It becomes easier with guided research. Therefore, call on us for such guidance as you study and you will find the finest of an education in *better service*. Are you ready to begin ? ? ?

DESCRIPTION OF *TSFBS*: This school is not a tape /cd /dvd reproduction center sharing recordings for an uncertain work. This school is a *loan system of recordings and compositions for the purpose of sharing in order to train those desiring to perform *better service in God’s work. After listening, noting and practicing, you may desire to have your personal copies of the tapes and booklets we have loaned you. We will gladly supply you an address if you have any problem with your Christian bookstore or company.

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Phones: (662) 563-7859(Off.) 562-8960(Rawson-home) 563-8536(Fax) Guestbook may be used to inform us of your questions. Check back in a couple of days for answers on the Explanation Page of this website.  For extra biblical studies by Robert Rawson simply Google his name and add sermons; yes, robert rawson sermons opens for you a world of information on a myriad of topics. Thanks to Josh James for his help in supplying these easy to reach sermons. The biblical studies are balanced and practical. Enjoy.