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Training skills of organization to be used in speech making, preaching sermons, teaching classes of students using biblical themes as the topical backdrop to such organizational techniques


In 1970, William Hull (d. 1979) and his son in law, Robert Rawson, initiated the *TSFBS* designed to be included in the local congregation of churches of Christ. First, in congregations in Jonesboro, Arkansas and Ruleville, Mississippi, then at Okolona, Mississippi the *School program is now serving under the local eldership of the Batesville, MS, Church of Christ. We offer to anyone information worthy of study and growth. We seek to help those unable to attend a formal school, college or universiy. They can be of *better service in the work of the Kingdom if trained. We get down to work rather quickly. The studies are designed to be at least a little, maybe a great deal, higher (meaning: homework assignments and practice sessions to be completed) level than the regular Bible School studies. Assignments are given and homework as well as practice sessions of speaking/preaching, teaching and one-on-one personal studies are done. We hope you are in touch; but, in the meantime, this website is a great place to start. May God bless your growth. (By the way, Mr. William passed away in 1979. Since that time the *School has continued even as he and I had faith it would). There are 9 Phases of study: Preacher, Teacher, Personal Worker, Topical Specialist, Leadership, Ladies, Youth, Biblical Counselor and Youth Ministry. Check our navigator column to the left for the locations of those phases of study with three lessons for each one.

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