Techniques *Better Delivery: Fast Pace/Slow Pace Sermon

Techniques *Better Delivery: Fast Pace/Slow Pace Sermon

Common to various speeds of delivery is the better methodology used to keep the audience interest. People will lull to sleep with your loud and fast delivery just as well as with your soft and slow delivery. What may be done?

Fast delivery has many words heralding forth at a rapid rate. By use of chosen places for pause and by a varying of the voice, you will find an audience listening well. A pause chosen for 30 seconds into the delivery followed by a variation of the tone of the voice every minute will ensure the audience following you well. The use of illustrations in the fast delivery is crucial. Some speech instructor of days gone bye has well said, “Illustrations are the windows that allow the light to come inside that the audience may see what you are saying.” Many use a chalkboard, markerboard or flannelgraph display when rapid delivery is employed.

Slow delivery has words heralding forth at a slow, perhaps halting pace. By use of biblical examples in the sermon, you may have the audience listening well, too. A biblical story of an event or a biblical character’s situation should be used within 3 minutes from the outset of a slow delivery and repeated every 5 to 7 minutes till the sermon comes to the ‘call for action’ (conclusion). (e.g. in a 25 minute sermon no less than 3 stories should be used. Many used some style of acrostics ( e.g.GRACE: God; Redemption’s Plan; Announced by preaching/teaching; Chosen by sinner/erring; and, Eternity will be determined by how we choose his grace).

Best wishes in your efforts to delivery more effectively the Word of God. s/Robert Rawson

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