Eulogy Approaches from *Tr School*

34. EULOGY FORM…Subject at funeral address is in six parts:

I.Obituary Reading of deceased,II. Prayer for occasion,III.
Why of

death (age-stricken, disease-stricken, accident-stricken,

unfortunate circumstances-stricken),IV. Meaning of Death,V.

to be prepared for death,VI. Lessons of life (using deceased

congenial backdrop for good lessons)

Context (e.g. I.City of Corinth II. Epistle of First Corinthians

III. I Cor. 10:12 verses before and after

Dealing with details of the person who has passed away should in my judgment
be more in general to a person’s good and worthwhile traits for each of us
should be more kind, compassionate, lover of truth, dependable in life’s promises
and seeker of friendships. Some of the following topics may be workable when asking
other family members as to the deceased ‘life relationships’. Of course, it is obvious
to me that all of these words and the information obtained should not be used. Too much
information at a funeral occasion. Asking family and friends a few questions which deal
with Emotional state of the person in day to day events, plus how the person faced
stress management, or how the person behaved in business relationships would be 3 of the
life relationship applications which will teach the living that these answers show us the
legacy left by the person for us to carry forth. Hope this helps in any future funeral
speaking occasion you have

35. LIFE RELATIONSHIP APPLICATION…Subject is applied in study to

Religious, Social, Educational, Mental, Emotional, Psycho-

logical, Interpersonal, Family,Financial, Ethical, Moral,

Physical, Biological,Environmental,Threatening Situations,

Behavior Responses, Cognitive Reactions, Stress Management,

Friendships, Losses of Life, Theological aspects of life,

Adaptability,Coping skills,Personality,Business Relations,

Self Esteem, Dependency, Co-Dependency, and Independence.