3.25.06….We of the *Training School For Better Service* are pleased to announce the newest Phase of Study: Youth Minister Training. //4.30.06…What a reception over the past thirty days with 34 visits to this new page of *training. It’s not longer a ‘test run’ but a standard Phase of Study (Phase of Study #9: Youth Ministry Training

Many elderships consider the youth development in the local church to necessitate a specialized teacher. This preacher/teacher is often called The Youth Minister. There is too much spiritual need for such a work to become just a ‘glorified baby sitting activity’. The spiritual dimension can bring so much fruit with the Lord
(Ephesians 3:20-21).

Of course, each one desires that any area of the church be served to the fullest. The lessons presented on this site will help any specialized area of service though concentrating on the Youth Work Phase. Too many have been trained only in the area of playing games and sitting with the youth responsibly. This is neglecting an area of spiritual growth which should not happen.

The need for such training has been discussed with those responsible for a grand teaching website which is thegospelofchrist dot com

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Hope you will enjoy the studies and our connnection with them.

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Three lessons of training are presented on this page. By mixing this information with the sermon writng, teaching techniques as well as leadership lessons, you can begin to serve as an effective, specialized servant.
Lesson 1:
The place of young men is read often in the Bible. One of the sad events wherein, probably young, men lamented greatly was at the burial of Stephen (Acts 7:54-8:3). It was a young Saul, misinformed and misguided, who set out to persecute disciples of Jesus Christ. We all need much biblical counsel (Proverbs 15:22) as well as ‘humility and the fear of the Lord’ (Proverbs 22:4) when we are young people in order to have riches, honor and life.

A New Testament family did just this: 2 Timothy 1:5 introduces us to the background youth ministry of the home of Timothy. His grandmother, Lois, and his mother, Eunice, are concerned with the spiritual development of Timothy. They are helping him with use of the Scripture. In Acts 16:1, we are introduced to his father as well. He is described as a Greek. Whether he had any background with God or desired to have a spiritual walk, we do not know. The Bible doesn’t present any details of any other than the mother and grandmother. Ordered by God was the daily instruction and guidance of the children of the family (Deuteronomy 6:4-9).

Questions: 1. Where was Timothy living when Paul first met him and some of his family?______________
2. If a natural, spiritual, background person is not in a young person’s life, especially a young man desiring to serve other young people in the church, where may he go to acquire instruction and guidance? ________________
3. The budgeting of time as well as moneys must be done. How does the Lord desire such support to come? (1 Corinthians 9:3-14 will apply)____________________________

Lesson 2:
Being an example is critical in the believer’s living for the Lord. I Timothy 4:12 names six areas in the which no one should ‘despise your youth’.

1. Write the six areas in the which the Christian youth is to be the ‘tupos’ of influence: 1)________2)_________3)
2. Give the meaning of each of the six areas as an example:
3. Research the background of the word ‘example’ in the passage of 1 Timothy 4:12 and then answer the following question: What effect is your lifestyle to have on others?
Research: Word________________Meaning:__________________
4. What do the first two lessons in this phase of study have to do with youth ministry?_______________________

Lesson 3:
Details of organization of Bible classes and spiritually related events must be fine tuned with the specialized youth worker. Any event requires a leader or cooperative leaders, a setting up for the event and a cleaning up after the event. The following plan may have some details which do not apply to your unique situation, however, take a look at this detailed preparation and execution of any event:
I. Bible Teaching Aim,II. Lesson Focus,III.Bible Thoughts(Related texts),IV. Bible Verse(Text of the lesson),V. Bible Story(Illustrated lesson title and text),VI. Teacher’s Study(lesson commentary),VII. Books included, VIII. Kit Items(scissors,glue,etc.when applicable)
IX. Pictures Chosen (visual aids chosen which are to be used in the teaching), X. Puzzles, XI. Cassette(Songs could be used with which the class sings along as well as the hearing of other speakers dealing with the event’s topic which has been chosen well before the event), XII. Activity Materials(Painting, Projects indoor ), XIII. Second ActivityMaterials(Projects outdoor), XIV. Group Time Materials (Bible
drills, Boardwork), XV. Second Group Time Materials (Outside Projects), XVI.Lesson: Select the Bible teaching activities which reinforce the lesson’s main theme (Art, Blocks, Books, Home Living, Music, Use of Nature, Puzzles), XVII.Lesson,Pt.2: Additional Responsible Group Time: Outdoor play (release forms for parents or guardians for such activities; collect information also as to allergies of anyone with whom you are responsible in this event and have emergency contact phone numbers and/or locations of such guardians in case of an accident or illness episode), Snack times and their location , Restroom breaks planned and unplanned,
Clean?up (notice the ?, who is on the cleanup team? This is important as others used this event’s space afterward) and Transition—evaluate what went on as well as following those taught to insure they have learned well the lesson studied.

1. Is a relationship you can see between I Corinthians 14:40 and any of the details listed in lesson 3?
In what way?_____________________________________________

2. Name an event in the which you desire to lead other youth and list the details of 1)Setting up, 2) Carrying out and 3) Cleaning up.
What is involved in setting up for the event?____________
What is involved in the carrying out of the event?____________________________________
What is involved in the cleaning up?____________________________________________________

Remember detailed CDs and DVDs are available at the website of www thegospelofchrist . com

Within the working of these three lessons, do you sense the responsibility of and the potential rewards for working with a special area of the church: young people?

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