The Opening of Classes

The Opening of Classes

There is an acrostic which makes simple the often puzzling question, “How shall I begin my classroom study with students?” Let’s ‘STING’ them at the beginning:

S…..tory; Begin with a storyline and moral and advance the class with many questions in follow-up. Your class time will zoom bye!

T…..elling them of some examples which feature your current class study and explore if these examples were blessed by the full teaching of the lesson!

I…..nterrogatives; that’s right, the use of a series of questions often brings out the best discussions in classes!
Again your class time will zoom bye!

N…..arratives; these are stories with a switch from the norm of storyline and moral. These narratives advance a step by step progress of your chosen character (biblical person or modern era). Be sure to be ready with some handwork crafts and questions which carry along the class discussion without giving the ‘end’ too soon.

G…..odly expectations of the class; often class members will not even begin unruly behaviour if the expectations of the teacher have been shared at the class beginning. While this opening should be followed with much discussion, questions and handwork to reinforce the actual class material, this opening does set it on a godly path. Prayer is fine for class openings, but is no substitute for the godly expectations you share at the beginning of class.