S C KINNINGHAM Page **Book of Luke”

S C KINNINGHAM Page **Book of Luke”

S C KINNINGHAM MEMORIAL PAGE is devoted to the sharing of expository sermons based on the book of Luke. He passed away a few years ago.

S C Kinningham was born in Corinth, MS, on June 29, 1910. He was baptized by L S Thurman in 1926 and began his preaching career in Morrilton, Arkansas in 1931. He trained at Harding College, Marshall College and University of Tulsa for formal instruction. His wife, the former Beaulious Binion, and he enjoyed two children.

Missionary to India, J C Choate described brother Kinningham, “has served many years as a student, teacher, located preacher and writer. He has conducted radio programs, made trips to the Holy Land and visited Ghana and other places in the interest of spreading the cause of Christ”. In early years, he labored in Shawnee, Ok; Corinth, MS and Tupelo, MS.


LUKE 1.1-4

INTRO. Many take their religion for granted. Many do not know what they believe, nor why. Religion is too often inherited, or a matter of tradition. It is often a matter of ‘will worship’–just the things that the worshiper likes. The salvation of the soul depends on an absolute knowledge of divine truth. Only the truth will save. Error will condemn. Thus, the lesson.