GLENN V. PURDY’s Study Page

GLENN V. PURDY’s Study Page

7.20.05…Our personal friend and excellent Gospel preacher, Glenn V. Purdy, passed away just a few years ago, 2001. His basic library of work is found in a collection of the *Training School For Better Service*. This Memorial Page will feature reviews of articles, books and literature found in his collection many of which will be brother Purdy’s own composition.


Biographical: GLYNN V. PURDY was born February 1, 1915 in Water Valley, Mississippi. In 1929 he was baptized by W. Y. Howell. He married Juanita Pittman in May, 1939. He began his preaching career in 1952 in the ‘Free State of Jones’ County, Laurel, Mississippi. Gospel meetings early on were held at Perry, FLA, Johnson City, TN, Whichita Falls, TX, Coffeeville, MS and Natchitoches, LA. He entered into radio work while in Laurel as well. He often supported himself financially and preached for congregations as well as he and sister Purdy worked in mission areas of the nation. He was a preacher of class, citizenship and conviction. Though he is gone, his articles continue via this website. Let’s study with him.
Don’t just off the cuff turn down his reasoning. Look at the verses explored, please.


‘For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ”. How many were ‘in Christ’? ‘As many’ as had been ‘baptized into Christ’. ONLY as many as had been ‘baptized into Christ’ were in Christ! No one else! No one is ‘in Christ’ today, unless he has been baptized into Him! So whatever benefits that one may enjoy ‘in Christ’ he can only enjoy them AFTER he has been baptized into Christ!

‘In whom (Christ is the antecedent of the pronoun ‘whom’), we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins”, Col. 1:14. Please note that ‘redemption’ and the ‘remission of sins’ BOTH take place ‘IN CHRIST’ and NO WHERE ELSE! So if ONLY baptism can put one into Christ where forgiveness is, then no one can be saved before baptism! All Spiritual blessings are ‘in Christ’, Eph. 1:3. Forgivness of sins is a spiritual blessing and is ONLY in Christ……………

I realize that thre are those who suppose, or assume, that man is saved by faith only, and that man is born again without baptism, then go forth to prove God wrong by their assumptions. But would it not be wonderful if these would spend the time they waste in trying to tell others that God does not mean what he says, in understanding and obeying the word of the Lord? What is your attitude toward God’s Word?
………Glenn V. Purdy (The San Augustine Revealer, Vol II, Number XIX, 1966, San Augustine, Texas)