Crockett information 050216


  • Remembering  each in prayer: Joe Baxter talked with  him at Southaven meeting last week , Chris & Nicole, the Sosebee’s friends,  Cindy Brewer,  Jim Burton of Lions Club,  Les & Linda Carey, Mary Cluts , JoAnn DeLap, Savannah Erwin,  Shane Gitter is in Colorado Springs , Mack & Mary Sue Gurley, John  Hall ,  Gail Hawkins , Kerry Hawkins, brother of Cindy Brewer, Katie Hensley,  James Johnson, Bonnie Kee, , Paul Kopf,  Kimberly Lentz,  Felicia Little, Missy’s friend, Dale McCraw family, Searcy McGowen ,  John Morris, Nancy Morris,  Ralph & Pat Morris, Tommy Newman ,Larry & Linda O’Conner , Allen Price,  Clyde Pruiett,  Brentley Raney, Karen Reid, Macayla Rye , Robin & Bobby Shrimpton , Karen Smith, David Sosebee, Jason Spencer Nashville-Vanderbilt trip last Thursday and Blake , Eugene & Mae Spencer, Belle Stepp ,  Tim Whitworth,  Chris Yount
  • LADIES’ TUESDAY BIBLE CLASS new time, 2 p.m.  with Mary Cluts.
  • Dewey Lawrence, update
  • Our condolences for the Ferguson family at the passing of Ruth Ferguson, age 85 memorial service last Wednesday here.
  • Add Ruby Dotson of Arizona, Neal Aldridge’s mother in law to our prayer listing, please; and Cliff and Margie Goldman of the Lion’s Club, please.
  • Gospel Meetings in area this week: Getwell church, May 1-4, 7 pm
  • *At Senatobia Convalescent Center: Ann Brown,  Eunice Mabry , Buddy & Josephine Johnston, Virginia “Polly” May, Wade Rich    *At Providence: Katie Hensley
  • PROJECT for Bev Martindale and Panama Mission: Small tubes like at the Dollar Tree of Muscle Rub and Anti-Fugal Crème; Bring to foyer table as you shop over next month.
  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU for cooperating so well for the meal with the Ferguson family after the memorial service last Wednesday. THANK YOU, AGAIN.
  • Our condolences at the passing of Johnny Kee of the Strayhorn community; memorial service was held last Monday at SBaptist Church building. We keep his wife, Bonnie, on our prayer listing and thank her for her constant care of Johnny.
  • How grateful we are for the return of the Jones and DePriest families after giving such splendid care of Ruth Ferguson whose passing brings us a loss, but a joy in the hope by which she lived with over 30 years of service at the Convalescent Center.
  • Sunday’s attendance still had 14 regulars absent but 43 present; 33 in Bible School and Sunday night with the brethren coming with the young men for the worship led service, 44.


Wade Rich  9


Georgia Stewart  4

Amelia Ann Lentz  14

Nick Sosebee  20

Joy Brewer  20

Stephanie Ray  23



MAY   Anniversary: 

Travis & Debbie Gullick  13

Ricky & Cindy Brewer  17

Tom & Mary Jean Osborn  19

Bobby & Georgia Stewart  19






Jennifer Hoshell  3

Caleb Jones  4

Kay Hull 11

Melissa Leathers 12

T J Dickerson 15

Brandi Jones  16

Josh Buchanan 20

Chuck Herdt 22

Linda Carey 27

Blake Spencer  31


HAL JOHNSON and NEXT SATURDAY EVENING …January 17, 2015,    6 pm


             THE *TRAINING SCHOOL FOR BETTER SERVICE* will start up it’s official opening Saturday night, 6 p.m. with Hal Johnson of Sardis as guest speaker.  We will reflect upon the internet site, student load both on the net and in the local area. Our hope for students in the Batesville, Ford’s Well, Oxford,  Durant and Crockett areas is great.


IN A FEW WEEKS, the 3rd YOUTH DAY will be held on Saturday from 10 am till 1:30 pm.  Hal will reflect upon the years gone bye and the help many of the previous students have done. God bless the efforts as we begin soon to prepare for the Youth Day events.  Inviting friends now isn’t too early to get them thinking toward the 3rd Saturday in February.

 Birthdays Upcoming:


Calvin DeLap  1

Mary Joyce Strickland  7

James Cosby 12

Eugene Spencer 15

Shane Gitter 18

Joey Frazier  19

Christine Gitter  20

Bill Kopf  24

Mary Jean Osborn  26

Robert Rawson  26

Cynthia Ray  28


  • Remembering  each in prayer: Joe Baxter ,  Linda Carey, Mary Cluts , Christy Cobb, Jimmy Colvett , Charlotte DePriest ,  Sedalia Dickerson , Savannah Erwin, 18, Ruth Ferguson, Lacey Gitter, Shane Gitter, Pat Goss and family at passing of John Arwood, Mack & Mary Sue Gurley,  Kaylee Hartman in Czech Republic, Kerry Hawkins, brother of Cindy Brewer, Sis. Willie Hensley, Leslie Howard, cousin of Les Carey, Rita Inman,  James Johnson,  Bonnie Kee,  Wyatt King, Kimberly Lentz,  Anne Mabry, Betty & Jimmy Mabry, Searcy McGowen , Nancy Morris,  Ralph & Pat Morris, Tommy Newman, Clyde Pruiett,  Robin & Bobby Shrimpton , Karen Smith, Jason Spencer and Blake , Eugene & Mae Spencer, Belle Stepp ,  Archie Vest, Johnny Walden.
  • *Living at  Senatobia Convalescent Center: Ann Brown, Eunice Mabry , Billy Ray Frazier Buddy & Josephine Johnston, Virginia “Polly” May,  Evelyn Page , Becky Porter, Wade Rich  
  • Updates: Tommy Newman,     Jason Spencer
  • Let’s add Bobby Hatton to our prayer listing as he is being challenged at Baptist East Hospital in Memphis.
  • Official Opening for *Training School For Better Service* of its 45th Year  is Saturday, January 17, at 6 pm with Hal Johnson, guest speaker.




  • Let’s add Bobby Hatton to our prayer listing as he is being challenged at Baptist East Hospital in Memphis.  AS WELL AS Katie Hensley at Baptist Desoto.
  • Anne Mize’s Dad received a good report from his exams.
  • Tom and Mary Jean Osborn really want us to attend the Christmas holiday party at their house this year, Friday, December 12, at 6 pm. Bring traditional finger foods, desserts and a ‘dirty santa’ gift (male for males; female for females) with $10 limit.
  • Let’s give Funds for Fleese Warm Up Clothing for residents at Senatobia Convalescent Center BY DEC. 15th. Checks made out to SCCenter; drop into red cookie canister on foyer table.
  • We were all stunned to hear of the passing of one of our finest young men, Alex Spencer, 11 years of age, 5 months and 14 days when an accident with a 4 wheeler took his life on Thanksgiving Day, November 27 this year. Memorial service was conducted by cousin, Jeremy Houck at Pate=Jones and burial was beside his mother who passed away 8 months and 2 days earlier this year. They are at Senatobia Memorial Gardens, Hwy. 51 South of Senatobia.  Our condolences for the Spencer family at the passing of Alex.


Birthdays & Anniversaries



Kelly Gooch  16



Tommy Dickerson  3

Nell Kopf  7

Robert Frazier 22

J L Beard  25

Evelyn Page   27



Josh Strickland  3

Jacob Frazier  5

Aaron Kopf  10

Hoss Howell  12

Wanda Strickland  12

Virginia Howell  16

Susie Gooch  17

Anne Mize  27

Travis Gullick  28



Ralph & Pat Morris  20*


*They  celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary!

  • YOUTH DEVOTIONAL enjoyed 8 present with an outstanding devotional thought from J H Mize for us all. THINK before we speak will result in a change for the better for each of us. Songs were well done; a cd is being made for the holidays upcoming.






7.22.13…Cecil May, Jr. presented an excellent sermon tonight at Pine Bluff church off hwy  6 in the Toccopola community; about 45 folks assembled for the study of Legalism and Humble Obedience . Using the account of the Pharisee and the Publican he showed how man can take upon himself foolish thoughts of his pleasing God. Meeting continues through Wednesday at 7 each night.//Water Valley has a two night lectureshio coming to a cose Tuesday night with Steve Hentz speaking “Helping America: Morals of the Bible and the church” is his topic. 7 pm is the time.

6.8.13….Really enjoyed the brethren and friends at Ford’s Well Bible Lectureship last week; we averaged 30 a service with 50 attending the afternoon singing on last Sunday as the high point and 27 present on Tuesday night. The efforts continue in evangelism in the community and all were encouraged by the efforts. Thanks for outstanding sermons by Billy Sasser of Olive Branch, Davy Russell and Steve Hentz of Oxford and the leadership of Allen Drewery and Zane Surrette as songleader for the event. // This next week, we are priviledged to have in the area: Robert R Taylor, Jr at Calvary Hill church on hwy. 6 east of Oxford, June 9-13 on Thursday night at 7:00;  Ed Casteel will be at Jackson’s Grove west of the Teasdale community through Wednesday night, 7 pm 9th -12th and the Vacation Bible School at Coldwater, 9th-12th, 7:00 till 8:30 pm each night with an adult teacher each night for that class. //We enjoyed 60 last Sunday morning and 34 that night at Crockett. With 32 in Bible class Sunday morning and 16 on Wednesday night, the studies were in the hands of good brethren, too.
5.30.13….Rejoice with us that ‘Kiddie Camp’ with the 5’s and 6’s year olds began today
with 68 or so in attendance. Two security camera are now in place on campus and a hard disc recorder machine records 28 days before rollling over to start again. We are so blessed, yet we must be extra cautious in this era of time; we know you understand and have helped this security to be in place for only a cost of about 500 dollars. // God bless the efforts. Our son, Bobby Rawson, started off the speaking tonight with a wonderful lesson about God being the Personal Trainer for Moses and for each of us. Great attention and great participation by the crowd of children and adults. Thanks, son for the good job tonight.

5.24.13…Gospel meetings in the area: Independence w/ Eric Owens begins June 2 – 6, 7 pm; Ford’s Well Lectureship between Oakland and Water VAlley, June 2–6, 7 pm with variety of speakers (Robert will preach on Wednesday night, the 5th);  Ladies Day at Calvary Hill church at Oxford, June 8, 10 am till 2 pm; Vacation Bible school at Coldwater church, June 9-13 at 6:30 – 8 pm (Robert will teach adult studies on Tuesday night, the 11th at Coldwater). And, the Pine Bluff church of Toccopolla will host Cecil May on July 21-24, 7 nightly and the Crockett church, Hwy. 4 WEst of Senatobia, July 28 -Aug. 1 with Michael Bates this year.

5.1.13…I regret failing to inform you all of the wonderful two nights at Alamo, TN with sons, Bobby and Brooks and preacher par excellent, Eugene Springer. We enjoyed 7 congregations represented and about 40 individuals participating and being blessed by the techniques and discussions. Techniques of better preaching and class room teaching were done. What a treat! My sons spoke of their remembrances from the *school classes many years ago with memory refreshed like it was ‘yesterday’. Thanks, fellows. Well done. And, Eugene’s experiences in local work helped all present to know of extra things which could be done in the communities for more effectiveness. Thanks for your prayers now and over the past two days. I’m home safely and sound.

4.21.13….Had a wonderful day so far as I am concerned. The Olive Branch meeting began with 301 this morning and 164 this afternoon; many of whom attended an afternoon service for the first time. The encouragement from so many is well received. Ms Jane enjoyed the day with me as well. We enjoyed another fine singing at the Crockett church tonight; saw Hunter and Nick do great in the songleading as well as JH, Calvin and David. The potluck tonight capped it off. //I am sad to learn of the passing of two wonderful friend, teacher and historian par excellent, Bill Sissell, died this morning at Sanctuary Hospice in Tupelo and preacher par excellent, Ed Ballard, died at 11 am in Tennessee; He’s the former preacher at the Bemis, TN church. I know their illnesses were challenging and I would not have them suffer another day, but they will be missed and their counsel can not be replaced. Lord, I pray, help me to keep in memory what I have learned from these fine men. //Thank you Eddie Lewis for adding Ms Jane and my picture to the Facebook page today. It was a grand shot of Ms Jane, for sure. I am glad to be at her side.

4.18.13…We express condolences for the Kopf family and all others related to Mavis
Howell, about the age of 83 who passed away Tuesday evening; a memorial service is planned for 2 pm today (Thursday) at Forest Hill South on Holmes Road. She will be buried in that cemetery as well. Visitation time is from 1 till 2 pm

4.16.13….Here’s the update on Bonnie Rushmore’s returning home yesterday as listed by bro Louis:

With impeccable timing, brother Chris and sister Valerie Bates arrived to visit us in the hospital room – perfect timing for helping us cart everything to the car. We traveled to Jackson, MS on April 3rd in preparation for Bonnie’s operation on the 4th of April, and so we camped out in one part or another of the hospital for nearly two weeks. In that time, we had accumulated stuff – both what we (mostly I) carried into the room and what the hospital contributed to our campout. Earlier in the morning, we were delighted to be visited by brother Gary and sister TeresaHampton. Brother Bates is one of the elders of the Siwell Road Church of Christ, and brother Hampton preaches for the same congregation.


Bonnie and I arrived back in Winona at 3 p.m. CST. Our guests brother Robert and sister Martha Noland from Ohio are scheduled to arrive about 7 p.m., and Martha will help tend to Bonnie for the next week or so. We are so blessed by overtures from far and near, ranging from well wishes to others also volunteering to come literally to us and help out. May they all and we too magnify the name of Almighty God not only in the Christianity we profess but by the Christianity we act out. Thank you one and all.

4.14.13…With the arrival of the visiting Frazier family we were blessed with 74 this morning in assembly. Singing was grand and it was wonderful to have Billy Ray Frazier walk into the building after facing all he has since last Mother’s Day…surgeries in Nashville, recovery in Senatobia and now some recovery extra in the Senatobia Convalescent Center. Again, everyone was encouraged to see him. So many of his good family spoke words of appreciation for what they heard and understood this morning as well. Thanks. //Gospel meeting at Southaven this week through Thursday, 7 pm each week night with a good preacher, Kevin Beard whom I have heard several times already. Look forward to seeing him again and benefitting from his teaching in the church building just north of Bullfrog Corner on Hwy. 51. //Next week, I’ll be speaking at Olive Branch church for the meeting this spring there through Wednesday night, 7 pm each night. Sunday services are 9, 10 and 2 with a lunch at 11 and area wide congregational singing at 1. Grand day with the addition of a 4 hour rest and a back to Crockett singing at 6 and potluck at 7 to close the day, Lord willing, a fine day.

4.12.13…Have enjoyed the full cycle of ideas today; grand sunshine for the day after the terrific rain which we needed; awoke refreshed this a.m. and travelled to pickup my man, Friday, to help me with activities of the day, grass cutting around the homesite in Crockett and other odds and items around the house to make it more pleasant for the night’s activites. Further, my son , Bobby, whose assignment for Session 4 camp this year is to set up the topics and classes and speakers on the topic of the Red Letter Studies of Jesus. I know the New Testament is more than the ‘red’ letters ; Paul’s words were inspired also,But, this year we are making this point by referring to RLStudies. His lineup was so good; I asked something, of which he had already thought and done, extra be done and that is to ask a prayer over each speaker chosen to have God’s providence for the better result to always come through. We have always rotated speakers so no one had just the night lesson or morning lesson, etc., but we allowed God to be asked to bless the effort, not the mannerisms or the abilities of the speaker. This is the way it has been done for the 34 previous years and I really want this to continue in my son’s hands. He agreed quicklhy. So you see why I’m saying it’s a full cycle day. Also, picked up my computer chair repaired by Danny Jones. I am so grateful; it’s a straight back chair whose wooden rods needed replacing. Ms Jane used this chair and desk in her early years. It’s now my computer place and I’m not, Lord willing, going to replace the items, but rather have them repaired to serve onward. //Again, God bless the 50th Annv people of the church.

4.11.13…Have the sermons for Olive Branch prepared and the Power Point bullets sent to
the one who puts the slides togher for Apri 21–24. What a rainfall came to this area! It seems everyone around received 3 to 4 inches of rain. Let’s pray for stable weather now and time to plant the crops for the fall harvest. By the way: The theme for Olive Branch is: The Church for our Day and Time.  And, congrats to Gene and Mae Spencer on their 50th Anniversary. What a good use of the word anniversary.

4.9.13..9 of us were able to go to Central Academy church tonight and be blessed with a thorough study of Worship by Chip Horton. Others wished to attend. Thank you, Crockett for your ‘love of the brotherhood’. We are blessed in such visits. //Don’t forget to get a box of crayons to bring for the basket placed in the foyer by Mary Jean for sorting and at a later date going to the chcildren of Panama for good responses. Beverly Martindale of Batesville asked for these and we can easily help with boxes of crayons.

4.8.13…We enjoyed the 17 at the evening service yesterday; but, in spite of it being a good service of songs, prayers and lesson, couldn’t more of us put ‘first things first’ on Sundays at 6? Am I right about this ? //The gospel meeting with Chip is at Central Academy; we will go as a group on Tuesday evening leaving the parking lot about 5:45 pm. The service on Hwy. 6 East of Batesville begins at 7.

4.7.13…What a good continuance to the attendance with 61 present this morning as well as 40 in Bible School which thrilled us. A ladies meeting after service today encouraged more teachers rotating the work so as to rest present teachers as well as get other youth activities, devotionals, Bible bowl efforts and projects of service underway. The projects idea was added to by asking everyone to bring a box of crayons for the upcoming Panama trip of mission work. A box is in the foyer for the crayons to be collected. Our ladies class on Wednesday nights will split and sort them properly. //We are ready to host a youth devotional complete with songs, teaching, Bible Bowl ideas, prayers and encouragement any day, time and place in this area. We will check with Looxahoma about their Saturday ‘s bowl dates so we can go. //Thanks for everyone’s enthusiasm about the work in Crockett. Sorry I did not know of the baseball event at Strayhorn yesterday! I missed an opportunity for sure. will look for  regular schedules so I can visit. Today’s sermons deal with the Relationship in the Church with Christ as Head, Saved as members,  True Worshippers and Servants on the 6 pm service. Keep all of this prayer . please.

4.5.13….The visit was somewhat bitter sweet to Memphis School of Preaching yesterday. Good studies from B J Clarke and Preston Silcox regarding biblical study habit and attitudes and an excellent study by ole friend from Jonesboro, AR , David Lemmons, now in the Benton, KY area with his sermon about Balance as used in the New Testament. Ever thought about Jesus being the ‘Lamb of God’ in meekness and ‘Lion of God’ in boldness for truth’s sake? David did a terrific study. Additionally, I enjoyed leading singing ‘When We All Get To Heaven’ before B J’s sermon and leading prayer before David’s afternoon. Enjoyed so much seeing and visiting with Barry and Cecilia Grider who regularly preaches for the Forest Irene conregation. The bitter part of my trip involved seeing B J’s Dad, A J Clarke, excellent gospel preacher on his part and Garland Elkins use a can to balance their walking. Never seen this before, plus Tom Holland was an earlier speaker in the week and my friend from Paris, TN, Bob Swain remarked about the three ‘firsts’ for him also. We are aging and healthful additions to our walk are a wise choice, but it was a bitter sweet day anyway. //I’m hoping for an increase in our attendance on Sunday morning, April 7. Some got the feeling and I did as well and we have talked about the feeling that some visiting with us last Sunday were ‘checking things out’ as well as entering the worship service. I hope this is true and they all enjoyed what they saw and heard. Let’s pray.

4.1.13….Had a little trip to another ole friend’s memorial in the delta at Ruleville, sister Vontice ‘Teesy’ Willingham Kimbrell, age 71, married 50 years to Jimmy and the mother of sons, Dale and Jessie whom she loved so much, I learned in early years of preaching how special family meant to her. What a fine lady! They lived in Drew when Ms Jane and I married in 1968 and the little boys grew up to play baseball in the finest way..their Dad being a coach and sales person with the local tractor dealership. For the past 15 years she and Jimmy have lived at Gore Springs and she was a member at Red Hill church east of Duck Hill, MS where I’ve preached a many a gospel meeting. She fought cancer for the past several years. We will all miss her in this family for she was a grand servant to each one.
//Hope to see each of you on Wednesday evening at 7 pm for classes par excellent.

3.31.13…Enjoyed presence of 94 this morning! Rain came in abundance at the close of services, but did not deter the ‘aisle and foyer visiting’ a bit. Thanks for the encouragement. Lord willing, we are on our way. //Planning for the rest of the month is underway: Saturday, April 6, at 5 pm , let’s be at Sardis Lake Christian Camp, 176 4-H Club Road for the annual benefit dinner, no tickets but donations please for the good meal and program even featuring speaker Vern S. of Southaven. //Gospel Meeting at Centrall Academy church on Hwy. 6 East of Batesville with Chip Horton , April 7-10 at 7 pm weeknights. //The Christian and Grief study at Cleveland on Ronaldman Road church will be April 13-14 at 6pm; Sunday at 9:45 and 1:00//Bible Lectureship at Crowleys Ridge in Paragould , Arkansas, on April 14-17 with daily lectures from 9 till 7 pm with breaks for lunch and supper time// And, I’m in a gospel meeting series at Olive Branch, Hwys. 305 and 78, April 21-24, 7 pm weeknights and the Ladies Day at Courtland, Hwy. 51 South w/ Denise Martin is April 27th from 10 till 2 with lunch included on the theme “Pushing Up Daisies”. Grand lineup; impossible to be at each service, but one of them may prove to be your interest and choice. If so, go and enjoy and take notes.

3.30.13…Was blessed at the local pancake breakfast this morning sitting with the Dickersons and directed around by Travis, Tom and MaryJean. Thanks. Invited a couple to be with us in the morning while dropping by Colemans and then was off to Ronnie Williams funeral at 11 am at Wells in Batesville. Tried to call sister Billye Jennings who was now relocated from 2nd floor at Oxford=Baptist to the 1st Floor ICU following repair on a fall and possible break. No success at this and then was off to Water Valley where sister Virdean Barton, 83, was eulogized at 2 pm. Ford’s Well was the burial site wherein just a couple weeks ago her son, Lloyd Allen was laid to rest as well. He was only 62/
Sure hope we continue the upward trend in the morning.

3.28.13…By the way 320 viewings of this page has already been done this month as well as 242 last month and over 3800 viewings since beginning the page last year. Thanks; trust you are blessed with us as you view.  The other pages of techniques for *better preaching, teaching, personal work , etc. are valuable as well. We are enjoying seeing that all the pages have been view over 8,000 times this month. //So far as I know, the number of possible students in preparation could be in excess of any previous estimation.  The figure has been cited as 400-500. Till contact is made for help over a hurdle, we have no way of knowing, but suffice it to say we are thrilled at the possibility of helping one to *better service in any of the Phases of Preparation offered.

3.28.13….Posted on the Crockett church sign beside Hwy. 4 West is the question of the ages in modern times. We all sometimes cheat on a novel and ‘read the last chapter’ to know the ending of the story contained in the book. With this thought in mind the question of this weekend and next weekend is:  Read The Last Chapter ?// I am enjoying hearing from a few at the coffee table of ‘hearing the Minute With the Crockett church’ on radio either before 7 on WHKL 106.9 or WBLE 100.5fm before 8 each weekday morning. J H has also heard from someone, too. Hope this is doing good. It’s the toughest work in radio broadcasting I’ve ever done …getting the lessons into one minute formats. But, it will be worth it if someone is helped, saved or restored. This is the ideal of The Last Chapter (Revelation 22). //Here’s hoping for a good crowd this Sunday. Last week served well as 31 were in Bible School, 61 Sunday morning assembly, 30 Sunday night and 27 on Wedesday night Classes. Let’s invite for this week, someone to ‘sit with me’. please.

3.27.13….The good attendance continued Tuesday night with excellent preaching by bro Hill as well. The questions and procedure dealing with those who are ‘for’ us, ‘against us’ and ‘non-committed’ to us were received so well by the about 30 present. Many, about 1/3 of the number were young men and women whom we treated after service to a pizza/cola party. With this interest, we are already beginning plans for a special set of Youth Nights probably in November of this year with the Durant congregation. We will utlitize some youth out of the *School and possibly separate the young ladies for a young lady teacher to inform and answer their questions as well have the male teachers for the young men. We have to make the plans by end of summer for such a night or two in November. And, we will have to check our funding for this year too.// Hollandale’s reunion plans with Al Franks, Dan Beardain, Bruce Pate and me are progressing well at Leroy Percy State Park Lodge on September 2 and 3 the aftermath of Labor Day Weekend. We will probably start about 6 pm each night and on the 4th meet at the old building for the church in Hollandale at 7:00 or 7:30. // I am looking forward to a brief report tonight with the Crockett brethren and enjoy a grand class with them. I’m the backup for our teens on Wed. night and if I am teaching there will have an even greater blessing looking to help Hunter and Gatlin.

3.26.13….The Personal Workers Seminar/Discussion started off with about 40 last night; a third of whom were young people. This is the 5th visit to Durant church on 413 Cedar Street and the average attendance this year is about 50. Dwayne Williams is the new preacher and I invited him to speak on this program (his first time to be on such a question /answer lectureship) and he did very well. Of course, Walter Williams of Liberty Heights church in Batesville did his usual fine sermon. The questions were of the nature of meeting and creating interest in others. These brethren still meet and go ‘door knocking’ in various part of the town every 3rd Saturday. I stopped by World Evangelism in Winona and to my surprise saw Betty Choate. She and sister Wright were carrying on office work as Jerry and Paula are overseas and Louis and Bonnie were away yesterday. I asked for some extra copies of the report magazine about world mission sites Global Harvest; she supplied each family here with a copy plus added a box of Voice of Evangelism’s 75th book for all. I’m getting to the area where the brethren at Durant had been talking…the use of tracts. She also gave me a sample set for Dwayne. We talked of studies we have done with passing out gospel tracts in a more effective way and plans are to order certain topics and use them as the 3rd Saturday visits are done in the future. //James Hill of Eupora will visit tonight with a sermon about Patience in Greeting and Teaching Others. We will work together in a Q/A format too. We meet at 6:30 pm. An extra treat will be some pizza at the close tonight; these young people are alright and a treat is in order. // Crockett enjoyed 61 on Sunday morning’s service and 41 in Bible School. Hardly anyone could remember the last time 41 were in Bible School on a Sunday morning. With the past three weeks of 52, 54 and 61 maybe we have turned the corner. Easily 75 could have been present with our regulars counted who were out due to illnesses and trips. May God continue to bless the efforts.  Baseball is just getting underway; I love baseball  but don’t want it to be put before worship events. I will show up later, but first things first with the Kingdom. //


  • Continue to remember each in prayers: Joe Baxter, Lynn Darby Brooks. Linda Carey ,  Elaine Carlisle, Herb Chapman , Mary Cluts , Joann DeLap, Charles & Ellen Durst and little twin, Savannah Erwin, 17, Ruth Ferguson, Billy Ray  Frazier now at Conv. Center eating well and taking rehabilitation  Bobby Frazier radiation is ended, Lacey Gitter, Shane Gitter, Buddy Goode of Germantown church, Gene Grey, Mary Sue Gurley , John Hall ,   Julie Jones, Wyatt King,  Kimberly Lentz, Anne Mabry, Betty & Jimmy Mabry,  Searcy & Peggy McGowen, Linnie McMaster , Bob McRee of  Southeast China, surgery for brain cyst , Ralph & Pat Morris, Cindy Mueller, Tommy Newman, Clyde Pruiett, Jeanae’s grandfather in Missouri   Billy Raley , Wade Rich is in Senatobia Convalescent Center where he is now 138 lbs and eating well and in physical therapy, Robin Shrimpton, Karen Smith, Georgia Stewart,  Kevin Stewart, Josh Strickland home at Olive Branch,  Archie faced a challenge two weeks ago in some blood loss which quickly had to be brought under control & Katy Vest,  Johnny Walden,  Freida Yarbro


Living at  Convalescent Center: Ann Brown, Billy Ray Frazier, Marthello Legge,


Virginia “Polly” May,  Evelyn Page , Becky Porter,  Adie Walden 


At  Providence Assisted Care :  Eunice Mabry      214    M/M Buddy Johnston  205 


  • Once again the passing of one of our oldest faithful members, Mary Hensley, age 89, has happened. We extend our condolences for the family. Memorial services were at Pate-Jones on Thursday morning, 11 am, and burial in Crockett Cemetery.
  • For those sending campers ages 8 to 18 to Sardis Lake Christian Camp this summer, here is the website wherein they may be registered one at a time: <>  This is our first year of online registration. Helpers await any hurdles you may encounter.
  • What a wonderful report by Jerry and Paula Bates of Winona and World Evangelism last Sunday night. Our prayers ought to always go up for them. And, we will have more opportunities to serve the missions in loading and mailing of boxes for foreign Christians soon.
  • Sermons for April through June are available on the foyer table; take a copy and invite a friend to meet you here for a lesson, please. Also, re-ask those you meet if they are hearing our radio broadcast ? On Cool 107FM just before 7 am and Country 101 just before 8 am on Monday through Friday. We have time paid through June and need to make a decision  about  this method of evangelism.



3.17.13…Thanks, Bob Mc for viewing; we are averaging 8,000 pages per month and have for the past year.  More info to follow this week.

3.13.13…Congrats to our daughter and son in law, Greg and Beth Ledbetter at the event of their 3rd wedding anniversary today! They live and work at the Atlas church in Killen, AL just north of Florence in the Quad Cities area of Alabama. // Our condolences to another family at the passing of sister Mary Hensley of the Senatobia Convalescent Center about 5 am last Sunday. Memorial service in Thursday at 11 at Pate – Jones and burial is at the Crockett Cemetery. She was a kind soul and a winning smile who loved the songs of the devotionals. God bless her memory. She was 89. //Have made arrangements with the Durant church, 413 Cedar St, to hold a Personal Work Lessons/Discussion for a couple of nights, March 25 and 26, at 6:30 pm till 7:45 pm and working with Robert are Dwayne Williams, James Hill, and Walter Williams of Crockett, Durant, Eupora and Batesville. Everyone in the driving area is invited to attend and ‘bring your questions’.

3.10.13…After enjoying 66 we enjoyed 52 this morning as the time change ‘springing forward’ and illnesses reflected a smaller number.

3.5.13….Over the past month we have averaged 34 in Bible Class on Sunday morning
with no Sunday coming under 31 and a high of 38. Wonderful! Thanks and let’s keep this going as we know more of God’s Word , we can better serve.  The same is true for morning assembly time for worship on Sundays. With 66 last Sunday, the regulars who were away due to trips and sicknesses would have pushed the number to 80. The contribution is growing over the budget of 1416 each week. The *TSFBS* is setting up plans for Personal Work Seminar at Durant in latter March, a lectureship and singing night at Ford’s Well in April and a Preaching Techniques Workshop at Alamo, TN in April or early May. I solicit your prayers always. God bless.

2.20.13….Enjoyed 61 at the Youth Day on the 16th Saturday with the program showing us some folks who ride motorcycles to help children in challenging situations, we really emphasized the theme: My Friends: How They are Chosen and Influence Me.  Let’s look forward to a youth devotional by mid March. March has 5 Sundays in it and brethren Bates, Jerry and Paula, are to visit on the 2nd Sunday morning with us to report on the trips to India, etc. The good work of World Evangelism out of Winona is a state side program of missions we should support and we can know even more of what it taking place from local missionaries who visit us.

2.7.13….Wednesday was a morning mixed with sadness as mentioned already; but, by
the afternoon I decided to call our son in Alamo to get access to the 4,000 volume library room of the *Training School* to do some research re: Christian Evidences. Eating lunch at my favorite roast beef place, Arby’s in Jackson, I was in the books by 2 pm and ‘in my element’ as they say. What a reward; I will write many articles out of the study and do several illustrations in class and sermons from this research. Went to class with the brethren and family at Alamo, TN last night; Brad Laman was teaching a very fine lesson from the new book by old friend, Phil Sanders who formerly preached in town at Senatobia back in the ’80s. Enjoyed supper with most of the family and headed back to Henderson in time for most of the Country Music Show held by various gifted musicians of the church and led by Sam Hester in this each Wednesday night of the lectures after all is done for the day. It’s a fun-filled and corn-fed time each year. Tom Holland, who is cautiously getting around these day on the help of a cane, led the closing song with everyone singing ‘Home, Home On the Range’. Before him a grouo of students played Cripple Creek, etc. via banjo and fiddle and guitar. ‘Arkansas Traveler’ was played and sung by another preacher, too. After getting back to Farrow Hall and Lonnie Woodruff, my room mate from Benton, KY, we talked about spiritual subjects and economics and politics whch carried us off to sleep and we awoke before 6 this morning to finish the discussions around 7:30. We have a good time in such discussions and we have stayed together somewhere in an empty room on this campus, paying the University, each year for the past ten or so years. Bro. Holland told me his walking troubles were from a nerve in his back which is not cooperating and his doctors haven’t found an answer yet. This has befallen him since the Dianna Singing back in September last yeard when he was walking about ‘full steam ahead’. But, since then, he’s been slowed considerably by the nerve’s hurt. //This morning I enjoyed Allen Webster’s information Re: Women in our Culture and Other’s. Then, I was on to enjoyed the 3rd day of Cecil May, Jr.’s practical Scriptural teaching in ministry. Eugene Springer and I ate lunch is soup and chili and sanwiches–with a cold drink my cheese sanwich hit the spot. Here’s the update; cds and dvds are ordered and will be picked up later this afternoon for the week, some lectures heard and some anticipated. Hope you have enjoyed the updates; I hope to spend the night and leave on Friday stopping by the VA hospital to visit Sunny Carr on my way home this year. This is the first time the lectureship has closed on Thursday night. The book vendors are loading up now to exit, while I update via the library’s computer. 

Before I update you, join me in a prayer for the folks up in the northeast of this country on behalf of ‘no harm due to the excessive snow coming today up there’. Predictions of 20 inches of snow are shocking! We pray that this does not happen or the people will have the strength to withstand it. Helpers are mobililzing from Washington from the government and from Nashville from members of the church. They are already heading northeast I’ve heard here at Henderson’s campus.  Let’s pray. s/rdr
2.6.13…Excellent singing last night and sermon by John DeBerry; many of you remember John who spoke at the Area  Wide Meeting back last fall at the Jr High Auditoriium at South Panola. He preached his usually good sermon and called for repentance from a sinful and compromising world. The University Singers, the old SonShine Singers group, did a good performance after the lectures last night. One of the songs was the worded rendition of the Wm Tell Overture ‘the Lone Ranger’ theme song. //I got up early again today to catch the 7:30 am lecture of bro. E Claude Gardner, former president of F HU; he asked me to lead the prayer before he spoke and after Frank Bradford led brother Marshall Keeble’s favorite song “Hold To God’s Unchanging Hand”. Bro. Gardner had once encouraged me to come back a teach at Freed-Hardeman and he’s a close friend though I went back to Mississippi to serve and preach and train preachers via this *school with my father in law, Wm Hull. But, it occurred to me that this could very well be the last time bro. Gardner was able to speak on this lectureship. He’s getting very feeble and had help walking up the steps to the Loyd Auditorium speaker’s pulpit. Of course, I don’t know what another yeard will bring healthwise for him, or me; but, I was saddened to think of this being the last time for him…course, I don’t know this to be true at all. He asked from Frank to lead brother N B Hardeman’s favorite song at the close of his excellent sermon on ‘The Command to Love God in Joshua 24:11″. The song is ‘Tarry With Me Oh My Saviour’. I could hardly sing the song then and I have tears coming to my eyes even now as I type this update…but, I really think these are tears coming from the joy I’ve had with this man; he knew and enjoyed my in-laws so well, even speaking today of the years when Ms Irene Haddock Hull was the secretary for Coach Stewart in the ’40s.//On to the 9:30 am lecture from Cecil May, Jr on his second day of ‘Preacher Talk’….excellent ideas today, not so much encouragement as dealing with cultural changes in our generation in the world and in the church. Good ideas. //I’ve taken a break from chapel today to come to the Loden-Daniels Library computer to Update you. I needed this time. God bless you and I hope you catch the flavor of this lectureship. Have a good song and class and prayer service tonight. 
2.5.13….Good lectureship underway; yesterday’s Open Forum fielded a question regarding Gun Control in our country–a hot topic of discussion these days. As usual, there were multiple ideas, but all agreed on one point made by a former policeman and Christian servant “we need to teach the Gospel to others and encourage them to know the benefits of love versus hate and serlf will’. //Cecil May’s presentation brought many Amens! from the crowd in Aud B of the Loyd Auditorium as he encouraged ‘preacher talk’ to all re: Encouragement to improve sermons and lives. Good stuff; our son in law, Greg, has arrived and we plan to take in a 2:30 lecture by Dan Winkler Re: Interpretation Skills. //The weater here is unbelievable this week; highs today in the upper 50s and tomorrow upper 60s; the nights are above freezing and it is wonderful to see the sunshine out all day today. //Heard that Patsy is doing well after surgery in Nashville. The Loden family is special to Freed-Hardeman and to all who know them. //Got to visit with Michael Whitworth, son of the late gospel preacher, Daniel Whitworth. He now preaches in the Ft. Worth area and told me his mother  had remarried about five years ago and now lives in Oklahoma City and his sister is a nurse now serving in Las Vegas. He has a new book which I am sure to get at the bookstore. He was a young man filled with talent when I first knew him at the Clinton church in MS. Till tomorrow….

2.4.13….Got to attend the Friends of the Restoration lectures and discussions all the morning; about 2,500 people are here and 50 of us were in the special auditorium of the new Brown Kopel Business building to hear: Arthur Shearin about M S Mason, a respected teacher at Freed-Hardeman who filled in for bro. Hardeman’s classes while he was gone, so respected was he. He lost his life at the hands of a deranged man in the Judsonia, Arkansas area who shot him while he was studying and resting in one of his relative’s home. This was back in the ’30s. Bro. Mason is still highly respected. //Brandon Renfroe gave us the background of the finding of J W McGarvey’s lost sermons as well as insight into the grand work of bro. McGarvey in the Lexington, KY area.//A panel filled with historians fielded questions about the ongoing work. The six included Renfroe  and Shearin as well as Ancil Jenkins, Wayne Kilpatrick, Terry Gardner, too. //The Open Forum feature is yet to come this afternoon in which questions of the day are discussed. The Lectureship’s theme this year is: We Will Serve The Lord from Joshua to Ruth. The singing is so full and rewarding. This is Monday, Feb. 4 at the FHU Bible Lectureship; a feature this year are the extra Shuttle bus locations. Walking up and down hills does tend to take it toll; I haven’t ridden yet; but time will tell. 

1.29.13….Will be updating the Bible lectureship next week; come back to this site each day for an update.

12.27.12…Enjoyed hearing good words of the improvement and extra care for our friend, John True, as of today. It’s good to know the procedures have been done which will help him in the future. May the Lord bless him and family. He’s our friend; loves the *school and all it represents.

12.20.12…Please add Bonnie Rushmore of Winona in your prayers as she goes through exams and pains related to some kind of an obstruction following gall bladder surgery last week; she’s hospitalized in Oxford at Baptist Memorial and Louis is with her day and night as well as daughter, Rebecca. //Our youth devotional night is Friday , 7 pm, at the Crockett church bldg. An holiday theme will prevail along with a look at truth restoration of Jesus’s birth and the reason for his coming at all.// Next Wednesday night, Dec. 26th, we will host a Devo at the 7 pm meeting instead of classes due to travel of many teachers; the theme is: Jesus, Help Us; songs and text will reflect this plea and assurance.//Have a grand holiday visit and look forward to 2013 with hope….

12.16.12…Enjoyed 68 present last Sunday morning, but the travel bug hit us this week and only 48 were present with 30 in the Bible school portion of the meeting at 9:30 am; the night service of singing was grand with 28 present and voices that could be heard far and wide…good singing and several new songs tonight as well. // Regular classes will come this week on the 19th Wed. nite; but, on the 26th, a special devotional will be held in lieu of classtime as possibly several teachers will be visiting family in distant places. The devo’s theme is: Jesus Help Us…..songs and verses will reflect this theme; young men , please bring your songs to lead and all join in with this good study and worship devo. // Now, on the Friday night , Dec. 21st at 7:00 pm we will  help our youth with a Youth Devotional with songs, lesson and special events. The signature list is filled in by the adults of the congregation so well; thank you….look forward to Friday night’s Youth Devo.

12.04….Wonderful lectures and discussion with Josh James Re: Family and Steve Hentz Re: Relationships in the Church yesterday; what a treat for us all; the close of the year lect/disc of the *school will go a long way into the future as others need such lessons; we plan to use in the future those whose illnesses and appointments caused them to not be able to be with us yesterday: Michael Bates, Hal Johnson, Tommy Mahan and Ming Hu Lord willing, in 2013, these will be with us to share their studies on vital themes.
This is the first time I’ve been the backup for more than one person in the history of our lecture program; but, thanks be to the Lord for the prep and opportunities. I hope my studies end up blessing some future request of the theme: Relationships…..rdr/

12.02….We enjoyed 41 in Bible classes this morning; thank the Lord. I am looking forward to the Bible Lectureship/Discussion on tomorrow (Monday) at 10 and 2 and 7. Michael Bates and Josh James are to speak in the morning ‘ Christ, to Family at 10;  Hal called to tell me of unexpected conflict of schedule, so I will fill in for him at 2 and 2:30 for Tommy re: Relationship and Forgiveness and Don’t Ever Quit Serving God and One Another; in the evening at 7 I will speak about Relationship in Christ and Ming Hu ‘In the Church’. This is the End of the Year Lectureship/Discussion conducted each year around the first of December. Come if you can ….

11.16…Made it back to Crockett in th early afternoon Thursday; stopped to visit with Richard Kopf at the VA for a few minutes. They were studying the tests administered to determine what to do with him while I was there. Bobby Frazier was there as well; the VA is still studying him to see when the daily sessions can begin.  Afterward, I went to Baptist DeSoto to visit with Rose Mary Davis, our wonderful friend from B who had a special filter installed to help protect here the other day. She hopes to be coming home sooner than later this week, too. Sandra was with her and was an encouragement for her Mom’s progress. // I look forward to this Sunday at 9:30 and 10:30 with you.

11.14c…Would you believe it! 26 were present tonight!! Wonderful; eight came from Pinevale to be with us; the questions were good and the ideas set forth enthused the crowd present. Thanks to all of them and thanks for the grand reception enjoyed by each of us as speakers. In fact, our meal on Monday night was financed by one of the ‘unknown’ members at Danville who did not wish us to know anything but that the supper was ‘taken care of ‘ and the ‘tip also’ . To that family , we say ‘thank you’ very much”.// Be sleeping shortly, but will go to Memphis in the morning and stop by to visit s/Rosemary on my way home to Crockett….again, please remember me in prayer and the others as well…….

11.14b…Enjoyed a wonderful set of visits with Fred Burns of Selmer, TN and is in a Convalescent Center there at the age of 98 whose mind is just as sharp as it can be; additionally, the visit with the Leonards for a wonderful country dinner and discussion of Godly ideals is a visit with a prince and princess of the cause of Christ in this area. God bless them; please pray for them as well as the success of tonight’s event at Danville.
Thank you…..

11.14….Enjoyed about 26 in attendance Tuesday night with many good questions in the closing. Thanks for each one in the study of good and better methods in teaching the old story. We will close tonight; have lunch today with the good, faithful preacher, 81 years of age, Charles Leonard.

11.13b….Also, enjoyed visiting with Phil Leonard during the mid-day time; was able to visit with various ones in the county and view meeting houses of brethren long since heard about, but never visited till today. //Brethren , the love of the brotherhood must be in each of our heart (I John 3:16). I have been taught all my life by the Bible and by my family to love others and work with others to help everyone serve God *better and better in life. Thus, this Lect/Disc at Danville this week. Others from vast areas of the county are planning to attend. I look forward to helping. Please pray for us in this.

11.13…Enjoyed about 25 in attendance last night at Danville; this matches the overall average attendance throughout the years of the Lectt/Discussions which have been worked. I am so grateful to be in this area wherein my sons, Bobby and Brooks, who are former students in the *school live. They could come and work with me this time; whereas other students are with me in other areas of the region. We stopped the ‘Signature Question/Answer Section’ about 8:05 pm ; yet, the guys had discussions going on with some who stayed till after 8:30 pm. It was grand. //Phil is coming to pick me up for visitation in the area today; I’ll speak, Lord willing, twice tonight and Phil will speak once. The ‘Signature Q & A’ is sure to be a hit again tonight as we practice ‘Questions’ to lead discussions. //It was cold here last night with 30 degrees and little wind.

11.12….The Lectureship/Discussion Re: Church Development is to be held tonight  , the 12th through the 14th at 6:30 pm till 8:00 pm each night at the “Danville Church of Christ, 471 CR 513, Rienzi , MS. Bobby Rawson ‘Youth Outreach Efforts’ at 6:30 tonight; Brad Laman , “Harmony In the Church” 6:50 and Brooks Rawson Re: Adult Classes Influence” at 7:10 pm// Tuesday: Robert Rawson, “Use of Questions in Teaching” 6:30; Phil Leonard, “School Students and Heroes” 6:50 and RDR at 7:10 “some oppose themselves”; //Wednesday: Phil ‘Desirng Others Be Saved” 6:30; Charles Leonard, “All Spiritual Blessings In Christ” 6:50 and RDR at 7:10 “Conviction, Kindness and Converts” Bobby, Brooks and Brad are coming from Alamo, TN and the Leonards are of the Corinth, Danville church, area. This is the first time our sons have been on this type program with me; we tend to use former students who live in the immediate area of a Lect/Discussion program.
Be in prayer for us, please. It’s very cold and windy as we start out the night’s activities.

11.2….The first Trunk or Treat Family Nite brought out more than 40 families and over 90 children; all were treated and invited to be a part of Kay’s Little Kids Class as well as our other services on Sundays, 9:30 and 10:30 am and 6:00 pm; Wednesdays at 7:00 pm//I’ve been invited to speak at the Sardis Women’s Club today at Noon Re: Thanksgiving for Memories; I spoke there some six years ago Re: Thanksgiving and Liberty. How quickly the time has passed.//Sunday morning will come an hour later this week….Fall Back One Hour On The Clock Saturday night, please. DST is ended for the year. Sunday’s class at 9:30 1st John 3 and 4 and the sermon at 10:30 is “Me, Myself and I”  (Psalms 137 and Acts 17)…..Hope to see you all……

10.28….Upcoming is Family Night ‘Trunk or Treat’ on Wedneday, 5:30 till 6:50 pm on southside of parking lot; 2 treats plus a family booklet will be given as well as an invitation to the songs, prayers and classes getting underway at 7:00.
Let’s make it a special Family night instead of a night emphasizing wickedness and vandalism.

10/13….Yes, there were many conflicts which developed that cost us more attendees but the 35 present and of that number the 28 who were at the closing lesson today were treated to the finest studies in class, crafts and service. Thanks for all who attended. It was great in everyway except we wished even more could have been presnt.  However, the recordings will be a composite CD even more effective to everyone who hears. // Gospel Meeting this week, 14 through 17 with Sardis church and Michael Bates, visting from Batesville, 7 each night. Let’s go Monday night at 6:15 from parking lot. Let me know if riding with me. Thanks.
10/1…Move to Crockett just about complete. //Looxahoma has Wade Webster as guest preacher this week at 7 each night through the 4th . Our Fall Youth Day is Saturday, October 13th from 10 till 1. Everyone is in his place for the event’s success, including the backups. We’re going to have some away on that Saturday, but others will surely come to fill the gap.

8/6….Dan Beardain is preaching each night through Wednesday of this week at Coffeeville, 7:30 pm. The church is located on Bailey Avenue, 4 blocks each of the High School in Coffeeville.
7/26…We enjoyed so much the Beardains with a service average of over 50 and a high tonight (Thursday) of 76. The spiritual side of emphasis uplifted so many of our membership. May God bless each one. We opened each night’s service with a special prayer for the efforts put forth by each of the brethen at Crockett. They were led by personal workers whom I have known: Jimmy Dickerson of Batesville, Stefan Dickerson of Harmontown, Robert Rawson of Crockett and Tim West of Thyatira

7.23….The meeting with Dan Beardain is underway every night at 7:30. We look forward to our visitors enjoying the lessons Dan will present. On yesterday, we enjoyed 50 at the morning service and 48 back last night. We have night services through July 26, with an ice cream social coming at the close on Thursday night. //Thanks for each invitation given to others via door to door; phone calls, mailing a flyer, etc. May God bless the efforts.

7/12….We sorrow at the passing of our sister Thelma Kirkland of the Senatobia Convalescent Center; Memorial is planned for Saturday, the 14th, at 11 a.m. at C O Pate Funeral Home in Senatobia. Then, about 7:30 pm our sister Louise Moore, 91, passed away at the same Center. Her memorial service is for Saturday at 2:30 pm at C O Pate Funeral Home and burial will be also at Crockett Cemetery, Hwy. 4 West. God bless these mutual families and the loss those left behind feel.

6/30/12….I am not keeping you up to date very well, am I ! My apologies in the past are no good;  I guess I am getting too busy once again for my own good….God bless you all for checking in from day to day; summer youth camp is coming up and I will, Lord willing, be out there for the next 7 days having a hot but safe time with 140 campers and about 35 staffers. The excess heat is with us here in the south. // The Crockett work is being served so well by the brethren there; my choice of sermons and applications are limited to six months of Sundays and Wednesdays. But, in time, perhaps more help to special souls will occur. //Batesville is enjoying its summer series with a variety of speakers on Wed. nites now. Check in with their website for audio studies: batesvillechurchofchrist . com //Have a good summer; surely, I will post more often.

5/12/12…..God’s Overall Plan Involved Motherhood….sermon topic for May 13th a.m. at the 10:30 service; hope to see you all present; look forward to the upward  trend in attendance at all services. God bless.

5/6….The passing of Paul Sparks brought sorrow to me; he served me so well as the person folks call today a ‘mentor’ of preaching the gospel back in the ’60s when he came to Kosciusko, MS to serve as local preacher. His training continues with me as he encouraged me to be a ‘gospel preacher’ not anything more; with a couple of hiccups in silence yesterday, I was able to present the eulogy planned at Jordan Funeral Home there. The songs were sung in a magnificent manner ‘Sweeet Hour of Prayer” and “When The Roll is Called Up Yonder”. He was so special to me and so many others; a great crowd came out in person yesterday afternoon.

4/27…My grandfather Rawson’s birthdate was yesterday,the 26th; He would have been
118 as he was born in 1894. I really enjoyed him;he was a mentor to me in swimming, fishing, hunting skills and life lessons about working with others. I still miss his guidance. He even showed me how to ‘mark my trail of travel’ through the woods to have checkpoints when I returned home. There is a good spiritual lesson in this: have you checked points on your way home ??
Our attendance has improved; hope it keeps on the upward trend: SS 30, Assembly 68; Night assembly 46 and Wed classes 28 last week!!!.

4/12….Enjoyed the 25 of the local church at Durant on Wed nite; great questions again and excellent lesson from bro. Evans. Thanks for permission to use the building for any future workshops and seminars, too!

4/11…Increased to 35 last night at Durant Workshop; enjoyed visitors from Greenwood and Kosciusko as well in the crowd. Great singing each night and the speakers have done so well in their deliveries: Philip Evans, Ben Jackson, Walter Williams and Greg Ledbetter. Outstanding. The brethen have been ‘on target’ with informative questions during the discussion phase of the evening’s program. Thanks for the good team and cooperation of all. Tonight comes the close with Evans and my presentation.

4/10…Enjoyed 29 last night of the congregation of 35 in Durant right now; discussions were filled with good questions: Evangelism and the Family. No one yet from local congregations yet. Look forward to some tonight.

4/8…They came today; 88 strong! and a 2800 contribution to match as they gathered. We also enjoyed a grand spiritual tone of the songs chosen, prayers offered and Scripture readings today. Thanks and let’s pray for continued involvement by family and friends of the area.

4/2…Glad for the 29 in Bible School classes yesterday and the 59 in full assembly, but we can surely improve. Let’s keep inviting; God bless the efforts and the youth songs to be used to remember the truth, books of the Old Testament and New.

3.27….Sorry for failing to post the plans to conduct the weekend meeting at Cleveland; now that it is in the books, I can report excellent attendance at all the services (103 on Sunday a.m.); glad to see the peaceful ways of acceptance of lessons I had prepared.

2.27…Again, 68 in attendance and with the regulars missing, the number could

easily hae been in the 80s; stil don’t know justhow many should be in the hous at Crockett; glad to hear ofthe progress of sister Luann Red ……

.Encouraged by 76 at the Youth Day at Crockett and the follow up of 74 and 39 at the Sunday services. The sad loss of this earthly life of a fine sister in the Central Academy congregation is Laverne Darby at age 85; memorial service conducted by Hal Johnson and Steve Hentz with an overflow crowd on Thursday; Ed Casteel, local preacher at Central, led the songs and she was laid to rest in the Forest Memorial Cemetery across the road

2.10….I have enjoyed being reunited with Ken Willliams, a young man who grew up in Batesville. He now preaches the gospel in southwestern Missouri. He is doing so well; a former Air Force military person who was at one time ‘cleared for nuclear sites’ in Europe and came back to the states to ‘get his education’ and ran into Owen O. in Maryland where his Christian service was reinforced and now his studies at FHU helped his preaching career from which he delights along with wife, Tracy. May God continue to bless him. //The late night Chorus of John Robert Hall with the Reunion Chorale was absolutely marvelous. They reheared for the songs all week long and had about 70 on stage for the singing. //David Powell preached his heart out last night Re: 2 Peter 3 and the Lord is Coming. He is such a good teacher,preacher and family man. His son, Nathan is now a freshman on campus and led the singing before his Dad’s sermon. Great! //Haven’t heard anymore about sister Cluts’s mother in Crockett area; just assume the hospice team is on the scene in a timely way.//The Youth Day on the 18th is a week away; Don Reel and Carol are here and we’ve talked and talked about the good lessons for that day on his part. He is planning to stay the night and visit in our classes on the Sunday following (19th) just to further encourage our young people. You will see why I advanced him as a great help for this Youth Day, 10 till 1 on the 18th. Am heading to chapel after the studies this morning, then later travel to Batesville about Noon. God bless you all; hope you enjoyed the dialy updates. rdr

2.9…The Jeep’s windshield was clear this morning; Kelby Smith, longtime preacher in northwestern Alabam spoke at the 7:30 morning lecture; Staffford North brought a comphrehensive study filled with so many basic ideals at the 8:30 session. //Enjoyed visiting with our sons in Alamo, TN last night and offered the invitation at the close of service. They are doing very well; refueled at Brad Laman’s station as I arrived there last night. The HIMS are singing at various banquets these days. The HIMS quartet is made up of Bobby, Brooks, Brad and Todd Sanderson now and are doing so well. //Our son in law, Greg Ledbetter, just arrived for the day this morning. He along with preacher friend, Rodney, and others made the drive up this morning from Alabama. //The Open Forum was a study of some details of Genesis 1 and 2 yesterday among other topics. Afterward, Eugene Springer, preacher at Hartford, KY who recently suffered the passing of his wife, Doris, and I went for a sandwich before my trip to Alamo.//I returned from Alamo to enjoy part of the 33rd annual ‘pickin and grinnin’ night with country music, country corn too. There were some very talented musicians playing last night and the jokes were funny. FHU friend, Frank Bradford, is a hoot in his clown costume, especially. Can hardly believe we are in day 4 of the 5; I’ll order some CDs today of lectures to hear and use through the years.//In my e-mails, sister Cluts of Crockett informed me of the fading health of her mother for whom she and her sister are c